The Importance of Planning & Why Coaching Can Help You Stay On Track- Angela Watson Robertson
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The Importance of Planning & How Coaching Can Help You Stay On Track

In our modern world and with our full and busy lives, it can be difficult to stay on top of our goals and keep moving forward. Yet, if we want to continue to evolve, grow and fulfill our mission and vision for our life, planning is important. Life has plenty of room for spontaneity and “going with the flow,” but when it comes to achieving our goals and chasing meaning for our lives, we need to plan ahead. Coaching can help.

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Coaching Changes Lives

Often we focus on the big events in our lives as the “life changers”- the ones that set us on a new course or allowed us to reinvent ourselves in a new way. Yet, in my experience, the small, baby steps toward modifying behavior and creating new habits in our lives can be just as much of a catalyst for personal transformation as the big stuff.

As a Health and Life Transformation Coach, I help clients get clear about what they really want to experience in their life. This can take several sessions as we sort through all of the borrowed dreams or beliefs about what we “should” be doing with our life. 

Doable, Chewable Chunks®*

Next, clients create specific and detailed goals to get them there. We assign these goals to specific timeframes and break them out into “doable, chewable chunks,” as my friend, Charlene Aldridge, from Aldridge, Kerr and Associates, Inc., calls it. For example, I may ask “What is a small step you can take toward this goal this week?”

In each session together we identify action items to be completed in order to take small, consistent steps toward a more meaningful, productive and fulfilling life. As the Coach, my job is to hold the client accountable to the action items and goals each time we meet and provide creative ways to look at obstacles or challenges as they come up. 

Coaching Helps You Stay On Track

I often hear clients tell me that starting a new project, business endeavor or health routine is easy. It’s staying on track with your goals day in and day out that is difficult. This is why I have several coaches and mentors in my life to support me along the way. I know I need a team of people with different perspectives to keep me on track. My coaches help me to see my blind spots, guide me toward shifting my perception and come up with creative problem solving solutions.

The coaching experience and process is more than just having a sounding board for your thoughts, dreams and goals. Though that can be helpful. It’s about creating your ideal future. In my practice, that means the ideal future that is for your highest good and one that is in alignment with who you are as a person – your authentic self.

If you’d like to experience coaching, look no further. I’d love to support you as your create your ideal future and transform your life. I create a deep and transformative coaching experience for my clients who are ready to heal and move on with their lives. To see if we are a fit to work together, schedule a complimentary health goals and strategy session with me here. To learn more about life transformation coaching go here.

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*Doable, Chewable Chunks is a registered trademark of Aldridge, Kerr and Associates, Inc.  See their website to learn more.

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