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How To Thrive As A Highly-Sensitive Entrepreneur

I still struggle with panic attacks AND I’m a successful entrepreneur. Yep, it’s possible. As a sensitive person, some of my best qualities are my empathy, compassion and creativity, yet these qualities have the potential to bring my world crashing down or march me to success.

As a holistic health coach and wellness business mentor, I help a lot of smart, savvy and highly-sensitive women find balance in their body and their life.

If your heart tells you to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur, yet you’re highly-sensitive and the thought of email marketing, social media and networking your tail off sends you into a state of panic, let me pass along a few words of wisdom.

Set Boundaries On Your Terms

Regardless of what everyone else is doing, get real with yourself about the amount of socializing, work hours, clients and activities you can handle in order to stay balanced. Communicate with colleagues, friends, family and business partners about your needs with confidence and self-respect. Remember that nobody wins if you don’t feel well.

Discipline Your Self-Care Skills

Learn new ways of managing your stress and anxiety levels and keep mixing up your toolbox. Read more about that here. Practice Yoga. Work with a reiki energy practitioner. Practice deep belly breathing. I like to have several tricks up my sleeve at all times and I change it up often.

Find Your People

Surround yourself with others who see the world the same way, have similar dreams and goals and value your best qualities. Make sure to connect with these people regularly to support each other, swap ideas and deeply connect.

To Your Dreams,


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