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“Angela helped me out tremendously. She felt like a friend, an advisor, and was always there when I needed her. In our program together, I learned more about myself and new ways to cope with life’s challenges and became more emotionally aware. I highly recommend her!”


“When I followed Angela’s guidance, I felt better and life was easier! She gave me tools and guidance so I could make healthier decisions. When I put in the work and followed recommendations (limiting dairy, moving my body daily), I lost weight/inches and felt happier and lighter. Through her support, I found clarity about my life and got out of the mental rut I was in. If you are ready and willing to make changes, Angela provides the tools to get you started. If you need accountability, she provides non-judgmental feedback and suggestions. I highly recommend her!”

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“My program with Angela was amazing! I have more energy and more awareness about how food affects my body. The supplements she recommended have really helped and I love how personable and helpful she is. I highly recommend her!”


“Angela is truly awesome at what she does. She is confident in her recommendations and helps you navigate what to ask and investigate when working with your doctors. Just the support of answering my questions alone has been worth it. She’s super flexible to what you may need to change. I highly recommend reaching out to her!”


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“Angela is amazing! She has been kind, encouraging, supportive, and non-judgmental throughout. I love working with her!”


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“Angela was my very first experience using a Life Coach!  In 2019, (before COVID!!) I decided it was time to make a significant shift in my work life.  I started my own small nursing consultant business and wanted guidance through such a momentous change in my professional and personal life. Meeting with Angela regularly helped to keep me on task as I transitioned to working from home (before it became the “norm’).  April 2022, my consultant business is going great.  I have a terrific work/life balance, and I am grateful to the thoughtful insight that Angela provided me during the transition.”


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“Angela helped me create daily nutritional guidelines that could easily adapt to my always changing lifestyle. She gave me a nutritional foundation that I have never had before. My skin cleared up, I felt better in my clothes, had more consistent energy and I have a better relationship with food (very important for my mental health). Feeling like I have control over this part of my life again gave me back some confidence that I had lost. I’ll always be grateful for that. Thank you, Angela!”

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“I felt super great during the program with Angela! My mood was better and I’m more self-aware about how foods affect my body. Angela is super patient and understanding with clients and she’s very available and responsive between sessions. I highly recommend her!”


Phoenix, AZ
“Thanks to Angela, I have less bloating and less inflammation. I’ve lost weight and the rashes and acne on my face have cleared up completely! I feel less tired and have more energy, plus I’m less stressed and worried. I finally want to exercise again! I have no more constipation- the celery juice really works! And I finally know what foods are triggering some of my symptoms. Angela was always there for me and willing to listen and help me walk through my issues- she was there for me during some of the darkest days of my life. I highly recommend her!”



“It is hard to encapsulate how Angela has changed my life! After years of antidepressants, foot surgery and losing my connection with my body and control of my weight, Angela partnered with me to reinvent my health. What a marvelous companion and teacher she was on my challenging journey! I started our relationship with a goal to lose a lot of weight, but with her guidance, I shifted my priorities towards getting healthy. Because of her, I moved towards making healthier food choices and moved away from foods I’d always eaten. With Angela, I tried a diet I would have never tried, and I feel better than I ever have. I hardly have any aches and pains, I’m sleeping great…and yes, I’ve lost weight, too. Angela encouraged me towards balanced, healthy habits without being rigid. Her feedback was always supportive with gentle, insightful guidance at a pace that was mindful of what I could handle. She also helped me tremendously with emotional eating, my nemesis to maintaining a healthy weight consistently and how imbalances in life can cause overeating, too. Overall, I am so much more in tune with my body than I was before we met. Angela is an innovative, free-thinker and a beautiful human being who sees what she does as a calling, and it shows. Her own personal journey in health continually renews her passion for helping her clients and, she has the BEST personality! She’s witty, funny, authentic, detail-oriented, caring, super smart and committed to learning. She is also beautiful and kind. Not the least of her strengths, Angela is also a highly organized, detail-oriented business person and is professional at all times. She is a clear communicator and her investment is evident as she pours her heart into the lives of each client she has. I highly recommend her as someone who can make a difference in your journey.”


I’ve been searching for answers to my health problems for half my life and it turns out, Angela had the answers. In 6 weeks I felt mentally, physically, and emotionally healthier than I ever have. One thing I really appreciate about Angela is that she is very holistic. I can be very straightforward with her about things that are bothering me, whether in my life, my diet, or even with the plan we’ve laid out, and she helps me course correct. She is incredibly flexible with scheduling and impressively responsive in-between sessions. I plan on working with her for a long time. To say I enjoy working with Angela is an understatement, and I really recommend anyone hire her


I truly can’t say enough good things about Angela and would absolutely recommend her to anyone! I initially hired Angela to help guide me in making better nutrition decisions for my body and to lose some weight in the run up to my wedding, but what I actually got from Angela was so so much more. Angela really has helped me in almost every aspect of my life and with her advice, help and encouragement my life is now so much better and happier. When things were tough during covid lockdown and I was suffering with insomnia and anxiety, she offered so much comfort and advice. She is friendly, professional, down to earth, so easy to talk to and genuinely cares about her clients. She has a mountain of knowledge on general health and wellness and also mental health. She has gone above and beyond for me numerous times and I now understand the true benefit of having someone like Angela coaching me through life, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you Angela, I’m glad I found you and grateful for all your help and advice. I know you’ll continue to go on and help so many more people with what you do.


“Angela is amazing! She made things that seemed so challenging much more manageable for me. My hair and skin improved and I lost inches off my body! I’ve become more aware of myself and how to take care of myself both emotionally and physically. Angela has such a positive spirit — I highly recommend her!”


After working with Angela, I now lead a happy and healthy life through healthy boundaries. I feel more at ease and have the tools to handle my emotions better. Angela is open and not judgmental. It’s like talking to a friend who cares about me and it’s fun. She is very emotionally attuned. She is very thoughtful and I love her thought-provoking questions. I love her stress management tools and she has many. I highly recommend her!


So much less bloat! I thought that I was just going to constantly be uncomfortable with bloating due to the PCOS/endo. You showed me that there are ways to make that go away. Things fit better & I can now tell what foods are causing the issue since it’s not constant anymore. The other change is my tailbone pain has calmed down extremely. I work out and do yoga but constantly had tailbone pain. It is much less frequent! I am more calm in my mind and not overwhelmed with what diet is the best for my body. There are so many options of diets out there ranging from good to bad. I would try so many and they never seemed to work or change the pain I had. Along with finally finding what was right for me my moods and emotions improved. My soul feels clean and rejuvenated! I have benefited greatly from this program! I now know what to do! I found what makes me feel good. I can go to the store and comfortably shop now that I know what I’m looking for! My social life benefited as well. It was so nice having conversations with Angela she truly cares about you! Im so happy to know have a life long friend! Someone who knows exactly what I am going through. You made me feel extreme comfort, being able to talk to someone who listens and truly cares. I learned, along with having a friendship. It was so good mentally having someone to talk to on top of helping your health. You are so sweet thank you so much! Yes! I have already told so many people about you and what you have done for me. You made it to where I could actually afford getting health help. You truly changed my life. I’ve probably already said this but THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me the confidence in my health, for help healing my mind and body, and for just being you! You made this journey feel like I was doing it with a friend and not just some doctor who could care less


Angela has been amazing! I have suffered from an eating disorder for over a decade and Angela has helped me cultivate a healthy relationship with food. She is kind, caring, and incredibly professional!”

Brittany Kooken_Hamel

“After working with Angela, I lost 10 pounds, decreased my anxiety, and have a better body image! I would definitely recommend her!”


I was very in the dark about a lot of things that came down to hormonal and balance and how the doctors choose to handle patients at times. I have done a lot of research on my own but Angela really did help me to break through a lot of things that has helped me get to where I am right now. Without her help I would not have known that there were special doctors for my conditions. I have PCOS and ADENOMYOSIS but She made me feel a lot more comfortable and for the first time I didn’t feel crazy because she understood my symptoms. I had never heard of ADENOMYOSIS until Angela. Because of her I was able to get to the correct specialist to get diagnosed and treated. No there’s no cure but I appreciate everything she has done for me


Angela helped me so much! This past year was my freshman year of college and my diet changed a lot. Although I was eating healthy and exercising, I still had a lot of anxiety, weight gain and acne issues. After speaking to Angela, my skin started clearing up and my relationship with food was so much healthier. With that came weight loss. Of course she cares about nutrition, but she also cares about your overall well-being. I cannot thank her enough.”



“I have loved working with Angela and would 100% recommend her. I was having issues with my skin, my energy, and my sleep. I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change, but I had no idea where to start– and I was horrible at self motivation. Angela helped me not only stay on track, but she helped me completely change my lifestyle. I used to drink 4 cups of coffee a day. I was addicted–but now I drink one cup a week! I have more energy than I’ve ever had and I’ve been getting the best sleep of my life. If you are looking to not only get healthy and lose weight, but change your lifestyle and body for the better, please contact Angela!”


Angela is such a wonderful health coach. I was able to reach my weight goal pretty quickly while working with Angela. I used to dread eating vegetables and now I look forward to making healthy smoothies and salads everyday. She taught me a lot about nutrition and taught me what’s healthy for me to consume and what foods I should eat in moderation and what I should avoid. She provides great tips for stress management ,depression and anxiety. I’m grateful to have found her through this app. She’s also very easy to talk to and is passionate about helping others. She’s definitely an amazing accountability buddy.”

Sara (Dallas)

“Angela is a great resource and has been guiding me in the right direction for my health and fertility. She has extensive knowledge of nutrition/the ways our body works/and so much more! I enjoy our calls and she is always sharing something new with me. I’ve seen a change in my weight, but more importantly, I’m feeling so much better! I have been working through some tough digestive issues and she has been great walking me through the steps. I recommend her to everyone I know!”


“Angela truly changed my life. I recommend her 100%. After just 3 months, I have lost several inches off my body, have decreased gas and bloating, and lost some weight. I stopped binge eating for the first time in years and I no longer have sugar cravings! My anxiety around health and food has completely diminished and I’m a happier and healthier person each day.”


Angela has helped me make small but impactful changes that have improved my physical and mental health. I highly recommend her if you are looking to get on track with your health/life goals!


“Angela is a complete professional. She customizes nutrition plans to each person and modifies them as the client needs. She is a positive, motivating and wonderful coach who is easily accessible. I highly recommend Angela as a nutritionist and life coach!


“Angela has completely changed my life for the better! She was absolutely wonderful to work with. You can tell how much of an effort she puts into her clients by the results you see. Angela has helped me look at nutrition and overall health with a new lens that I know will help me in the long run. She helped me overcome some struggles with food allergies and overall confidence that I don’t think I would have been able to do alone. I’m so grateful to her! If you’re looking for a health coach who is going to put in the time and effort to help you be the best person you can be, I’d recommend Angela!”


Denver, CO

I have been working with Angela since last March, at the beginning of the pandemic when I was feeling stuck in the worst phase of my life. I was constantly having lupus flare ups plus 234 other diseases… At the same time my two young toddlers stopped going to school, and my husband was dealing with some mid life crisis himself… I felt hopeless and helpless, despite faithfully praying every night.  I’m beyond grateful to have Angela’s support through all of these. She not only helps me figure out the underlying issues with my diets, but also helps me understand how our diets are directly related to our mental and emotional health. What stands out the most during our first several sessions is that Angela is very patient, and that’s why almost 1.5 years later I’m still working with her. Our conversations cover almost everything in life. She’s like a friend that I never had! I highly recommend Angela if you need support or a little push to live the kind of life you want!


Angela is excellent! She is knowledgeable, kind and dedicated to my health! She’s helped me get through some rough weeks and I am so happy I found her. I highly recommend her services! Angela has taught me so much


“Angela has truly changed my life. In just 6 weeks I lost 10 lbs. and 8 inches! I had no idea how much changing my eating and relationship with food could impact not only the way I physically feel, but also the way I feel mentally. Angela is more than a nutritionist, she truly is a life coach, and someone I intend on having in my corner for the rest of my life. I could not recommend Angela more!”


Dallas, TX

“Having Angela as a business coach was super helpful and valuable. I immediately thought of her when I needed help with my business. She went above and beyond for me and met me exactly where I was at. She asked me lots of questions to figure out what I needed help with and she helped me find solutions to the problems I was experiencing. I felt supported and armed with valuable information. I’ve already experienced an increase of revenue after three sessions with Angela. She’s knowledgeable, passionate, hilarious, generous, and so easy to work with. I’m so glad I hired her! She’s an amazing coach. I’ve lost several pounds and inches. I also have so much more energy! I feel more confident, less anxious and depressed, and overall just happier in my own skin. Angela is so approachable and her program is worth every penny!”

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“I worked with Angela over the last year and got so much out of it. She helped me stay accountable for various things and helped me make decisions that were aligned with my values (also, firstly, figure what my core values WERE). When we first started, I was at a bit of crossroads and I wanted to find someone who could be unbiased with talking me through some big life decisions and give me journal prompts, etc. I feel so much more clear headed about my goals, and aligned on a path to get me there. She also gave me an affirmation that I still love: ‘search meaning, don’t avoid discomfort.”


“I’ve lost 10 lbs! Yes, I have benefited. Definitely an Aha! Moment was seeing what Dairy does to my body. Angela is extremely accessible. I’d recommend her to anyone that is interested in making life changes and wants more than just a new diet.”


“After just 3 months, I no longer have stomach aches, headaches, or bloating. I now feel empowered in myself and more connected to my body. I’ve gained lifelong knowledge about nutrition and health. I’d highly recommend Angela!”


“After working with Angela, I am so much better at time management and I’m making better and healthier choices for my body and life. I truly admire Angela and she made a big impact on how I handle the many hats I wear in life.”


“I’ve lost inches and my skin is clearer. I have a better relationship with food and I’ve learned how to properly fuel my body, which has helped with mental clarity. Angela is so knowledgeable, especially in helping people like me with PCOS. Her different protocols for UTIs and colds have been a game changer. I highly recommend her!”


“I got pregnant! AND I am just feeling so much more energized. Fatigue was a big issue previously. Now, I can outlast my 26-year old fiancé – even while pregnant! The depression is almost 100% gone! I was all up in my head about food and how to eat for years. Angela’s coaching has allowed me to just chill and feel it out. I now am able to find something to eat without a bunch of stress at every meal.”


I’ve learned ways to manage stress, gotten more in the habit of meditating, pushed myself to work on self improvement, followed through with progress that I might not have otherwise made, and had a wonderful means of support by doing this program. My biggest revelations were that I don’t have to let negative thoughts overtake my mood, that there isn’t anything wrong with me sexually, that I was holding back in my past relationship because I didn’t see myself having kids with my ex, and that my ex husband at his best would still not be the person I want to be with.”


“Since working with Angela, I’ve felt inspired to dive more deeply into my creative self and my passions, with a renewed and enlivened spirit. I have a better handle on my emotions and anxiety, which previously had the ability to totally clutter my mind and make even the most simple tasks seem strenuous and exhausting. It’s been such a phenomenal change to be able to go about my day with calmness and beauty, while also feeling clear-headed and motivated enough to plan for the future. Angela is so laid back, open, and upbeat that, from the very get-go, she feels like a friend rather than a coach or mentor. I wasn’t expecting to share so much and place so much trust in someone I’d never met and yet she made it easy to do from day one. At the same time, she offers just the right amount of “push” to ensure that, while you’re working with her, you continuously move forward. I appreciated walking away from each session with an assignment or two, designed to push me out of my comfort zone in whatever area it was we were discussing during our time together. I was endlessly amazed at her ability to offer solid insights and advice on any topic I brought up in our conversations, and not only offer her personal experiences as reference, but additionally provide me with several other resources – books, videos, podcasts, and more – to offer further guidance and inspiration. I would absolutely recommend working with Angela! No matter what your goals are to improve yourself – be they physical or emotional – she has the focus, determination, and expertise needed to guide you on your journey.”

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“My experience while working with Angela has helped me to discover more about myself and establish some health goals that desperately needed addressed. I struggle with OAS (oral allergy syndrome) and I often find it hard to get the adequate nutrition my body needs. Angela has provided me with options and knowledge of the ways I can get the nutrients I’m lacking. My sessions with Angela are always productive. Her encouraging words and caring demeanor have been a true blessing. Thank You Angela!”


Holyoke, CO

“Working with Angela was great! She took the time to really talk with me and hear me out about my personal health goals. She was very supportive and made great recommendations with food choices as well as helped me to decide which vitamin supplements would be good for me. It was great working with her and I would definitely pass her name on for others!”

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“Working with Angela was great! She took the time to really talk with me and hear me out about my personal health goals. She was very supportive and made great recommendations with food choices as well as helped me to decide which vitamin supplements would be good for me. It was great working with her and I would definitely pass her name on for others!”

“I’ve lost a combined total of 10 inches off of my body. I have more energy and I have healthier habits I plan to carry on. It felt good to have accountability with the changes I made. I appreciated that I was never pressured into making any of the changes and I didn’t feel judged if I chose not to do some of the suggestions. I feel like my body runs more efficiently and now I know what I need to do to feel healthier. Thank you Angela!”

“Angela is a great listener who leads with heart and compassion. I’ve always felt supported and comfortable speaking honestly about how I was feeling during our coaching sessions. Angela created a nutritional program tailored for my diet that I could actually accomplish with simple trips to the grocery store—nothing crazy or unattainable! Within about 4 weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my energy and I found myself taking better care of my body. Angela cares about her clients and goes above and beyond what you might expect, offering lots of encouragement and options to integrate the lifestyle changes over the long-term. In short, I feel better, sleep better, and have more energy during the day. I Highly recommend her!” Thank you, Angela!”



“I have lost close to 20 pounds and feel less bloated. I am more focused now that I am eating well and found out what foods I am sensitive to. Angela is such a good listener and targets the right things to focus on. I highly recommend her!”

“Angela is wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging. I highly recommend her.” 

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