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3 Lessons in Reinvention (From A Soon-To-Be Birth Warrior)

Often I find that as I’m coaching my clients about reinventing their lives, I’m called to make deep changes in my own life as well. This is how growth works after all. One of the perks of being a coach for a living is that I am learning and growing along with my community and clients and I rarely get to stagnate in one place if I’m working through something.

Bottom line: I’m in this with you, darling.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that recently I experienced a deep breakdown (a.k.a. breakthrough) filled with lots of juicy tears and surrender as this pregnancy (and these hormones!) continues to progress.

I’m now 28 weeks along on this pregnancy journey (The pictures below are from 23 and 26 weeks and baby girl is due in February 2018!) and I’m reflecting on how this feels like the deepest, most intense transformation and life reinvention I’ve ever been through.3 Lessons in Reinvention- Angela Watson Robertson

And, darling, I’ve been through some serious life changes (and a few traumatic experiences as well), so that’s saying a lot.

I realize I need to practice what I preach and really embrace where I’m at, allow this new life to grow, let go of anything that is no longer serving me. Yet, this isn’t easy, right?!

I’m called The Reinvention Warrior (and I love that btw!), so it’s not surprising that I’m thinking about what it means to be a Birth Warrior. So far, my pregnancy is teaching me so much about what it means to reinvent your life – and I’m in the thick of it – the icky, sticky part before you really see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3 Lessons in Reinventing Your Life From A Soon-To-Be Birth Warrior 

1. Often the first step to reinventing yourself (in any area) is to completely lose your sh** first.

You may ask yourself: What is happening to my life? Do I want this? What am I doing? Should I have done this? This may apply to your career, relationship, work, or maybe a physical birth like the one I’m preparing for. Regardless, expect to lose your sh** at first, or over and over again. Self-doubt is okay. Resistance is okay.

2. We are not in control of anything. Seriously!

Surrender. Allow. Let go. These are buzzwords in the personal development industry and sometimes it’s downright annoying (eye roll…) yet, there is truth in the way the universe works sometimes and I’ve found the more I fight reality or “what is” the more I suffer. Similar to intense emotions if we own them, allow them, and let them have their way (for a limited time) they will often pass quickly.

3. Like any journey you embark on, you have to leave some things behind, but you’ll find some new things as well.

For me, pregnancy has felt like survival. I don’t mean to imply it’s not an amazing miracle or a beautiful thing or to be negative, but I’m not the type of person to sugar coat things. It’s been rough- emotionally, physically, you name it! Sometimes it’s hard to get through the day and each week brings on new exciting adventures, new people, new opinions and information, new allies and teachers, and new fears.

I’ve been asked to leave some things behind as I move to the next stage of this journey- my old way of thinking and being and, yes, some relationships and opportunities. Bottom line: like any reinvention there is some fun and exciting pieces and some wonky, messy pieces. How you feel about the process is all about what you focus on. I’m choosing to focus on what I’m creating instead of what I’m losing.

3 Lessons in Reinvention- From a soon-to-be birth warrior- Angela Watson Robertson

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